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Teams & Roles.

Customer Advocates

Customer advocates are the face and voice of our company. They're at the forefront representing our brand, products and services, and helping our customers live their best lives. They're relationship-driven and focused on building authentic moments by listening to and understanding our customers. They ask the right questions to offer creative solutions that not only meet the needs of our customers but exceed their expectations.

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Technology explorers

Technology explorers are devoted to driving technology forward by asking a simple question: "What if?" Capital One® was founded on the belief that technology and data analytics could revolutionize the industry, and ever since then, our Tech Explorers have been on a quest to push the boundaries of what banking can be. They provide the capabilities, tools and infrastructure that power our teams and products. These innovators are committed to contributing to the tech community through open source and are energized by the opportunity to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to improve the lives of our customers.

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Product innovators

Product innovators are tech-savvy pioneers, with one eye on what's new and the other on what's next. Starting with the customer in mind, they develop cutting-edge products that bring ingenuity, simplicity and humanity to our industry. Product innovators are dedicated problem-solvers who leverage big data, agile principles and human insights to reimagine the way people interact with credit – creating experiences that simplify and enhance our customers' lives.

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Company builders

Company builders are focused on building one of Canada's great companies by bringing their expertise, focusing on developing relationships and solving problems through change. Their specialized skills earn them a seat at the table where critical decisions are made. Here, their unique perspectives represent the voice of customers, associates, communities and shareholders alike. Company builders drive our cultural values of excellence and do the right thing, and their work helps to make our brand one of the most recognized in the industry.

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