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A workplace where we genuinely feel like we belong doesn’t happen by accident.

At Capital One, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are the cornerstones of our culture. Whether it’s through our Business Resource Groups, training and development, or day-to-day work, everyone has an opportunity to get involved and make a difference for our associates, customers and community.”

– Patrick Ens, President, Capital One Canada

Welcome to Capital One

At Capital One, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are valued at our core, sparking innovation and enabling us to do good for our associates, customers and communities. We attract and develop talent from all backgrounds and experiences, and we empower our associates to do great work by creating a culture of belonging that values diverse perspectives, fosters collaboration and encourages innovative ideas.

Capital One Canada has received the Employment Equity Achievement Award (EEAA) every year since 2017. The EEAA recognizes outstanding achievement in employment equity in the workplace.

In 2019, Capital One Canada won Canada’s Best Diversity Employer Award and the Great Places to Work Canada Award for the Best Workplaces Managed by Women. Both of these awards are testaments to the focus put on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging throughout the organization in 2019.

Over the years, Diversity and Inclusion efforts at Capital One have evolved significantly, resulting in an enterprise-wide Diversity and Inclusion strategy that promotes Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) for all associates. We want our associate population to be representative of the workforce where we do business. To get there and ensure all associates feel included and that they belong, in 2019 Capital One refined its enterprise-wide Diversity and Inclusion strategy to focus on three areas:

  • 1. Create a culture of belonging through people leadership
  • 2. Enable data transparency
  • 3. Infuse Diversity and Inclusion across the associate lifecycle

To ensure we continue to make progress on our goals and strategy, Capital One Canada has a Diversity Council which is comprised of the Canada Executive Team as well as Accountable Executives from our Business Resource Groups (BRGs). In addition to the Diversity Council, Capital One has an established Associate Consultation Forum (ACF) made up of BRG leaders and key Diversity and Inclusion partners from across the business.

Business Resource Groups

The Business Resource Groups (BRGs) were created to support a growing diverse population at Capital One. BRGs provide support in the form of programs, resources and tools that enable associates to achieve their full potential in an environment that values the differences we bring to the workplace.

The BRGs also support the organization's Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Their objectives are closely linked to our goals of recruiting, retaining and developing diverse talent and leveraging their differences to contribute to the success of the organization.

  • Capabilities Disability Business Resource Group - logo

    The CapAbilities BRG strives to remove barriers for those who identify with disabilities, ensuring all perspectives are included to better serve our associates and customers. Ultimately, we want to make every associate feel like they belong at Capital One.

    Recent Events: Capes for kids

  • Canada Allies team - logo

    The Canada Allies team strives to increase awareness on issues of Diversity and Inclusion and seeks to take an active role in creating a fairer and more equitable workplace for all.

  • Voices Black Business Resource Group Canada - logo

    The Voices BRG provides programs, resources and tools to support Black associates across the organization. Our mission is to create an environment where Black associates are empowered to drive change, break barriers and make an impact for Capital One.

    Recent Events: Voices Launch

  • Capital One Women in Tech Canada - logo

    The mission of Women in Tech (WIT) is to cultivate an inclusive mindset for all genders by increasing awareness about the unique challenges women face, providing opportunities for meaningful conversations about gender diversity and enabling the recruitment and retention of top talent.

    Recent Events: Design Thinking Your Career on Jan 28

  • Out Front LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group Canada - logo

    The OutFront BRG empowers LGBTQ+ talent to lend their voice, leadership and vision to our work as a company, while equipping our allies with fresh perspectives and empathy.

  • Asian Business Resource Group Origins - logo

    The Origins BRG was created to increase visibility and support of the development of Asian associates at Capital One. Our mission is to develop Asian leaders of tomorrow through professional development, knowledge sharing and community involvement.

    Recent Events: Annual Lunar New Year

  • The 1 in 5 Committee - logo

    The 1 in 5 Committee exists to promote a mentally healthy culture for all, with focused support for those impacted by mental health challenges. Our goal is to increase awareness and reduce stigma around mental health challenges, so that all impacted associates feel safe and supported.

    Recent Events: People Leader Mental Health Training with CAMH

DIB Training & Development Programs

We know that changing the future takes more than a focus on today. That's why we offer many training materials and career development programs—initiatives to ensure our inclusion efforts begin to take root and thrive each day. At Capital One, building a better world means creating educational opportunities for all those who aspire to learn.


At Capital One, we provide various learning tools and resources to all associates. Associates have access to training materials on topics such as unconscious bias, inclusion and belonging, and appreciating differences.

Two people walking along and talking

Recognizing Our Unconscious Bias

We realize that each of us carries unconscious biases, and we are creating an environment that leads to better understanding through education. Customized learning is available to all our associates, with the goal of fostering a company culture that is appreciative of diversity. We want to empower associates to make better business decisions and build a positive, inclusive workplace.

People leaders attend unconscious bias training to investigate biases and learn about the impact on critical decision making. In addition, people leaders have participated in training that highlights sources of unconscious bias, such as stereotyping, personal values and individual experiences. This training helps them develop action plans to eliminate exclusionary bias within their teams.

Unconscious bias e-learning is available to all associates. Training offers associates a deeper look at their own diversity dimensions and unique traits, while learning about the negative implications of quick assumptions. It provides them with actionable steps to make existing biases more conscious in the workplace.

Additional Development Programs

Group of people smiling and talking

Emerging Leader Development Program

  • Curriculum created in partnership with the Darden School of Business focused on Power and Leadership
  • Blends various internal and external training opportunities—including advanced competency development, technology leadership, and diversity and inclusion education


  • Eight-month career management program offered annually to members of the Black Business Resource Group
  • Modules are designed to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to grow their careers and include Resource Awareness, Career Planning, Skill Building and Networking

Leadership Essentials for Accelerated Progress (LEAP) Forward

  • Hosted by the Origins Business Resource Group, LEAP Forward is a coaching program that empowers selected associates to bring out the leader within and overcome internal/external barriers through self-awareness, reflection, coaching and discovery