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Forget the conventional idea of a bank. At Capital One®, we’re re-imaging money and the way people interact with it. We need curious, creative and passionate people who want to transform an industry that’s ripe for change. Leverage data and human insights to design cutting-edge technologies; apply your analytical expertise to influence business strategy; or harness your exceptional communication skills to offer unmatched, personalized service. What’s the banking experience of the future look like? Join us.

Find below our many opportunities for university students and recent grads. Jumpstart your career with Capital One.

  • Business Analyst Opportunities for Students Business Analyst

    Business Analyst

    We know that the way to attract top talent is to create a fun work environment that fosters learning and career development, which is why we’ve developed our Analyst Development Program. Our new analysts take part in training both in Canada and the US--hands-on learning through activities like case competitions, social activities, and more.

    To give you an idea of what to expect as a new analyst, here are a few examples:
    • Melissa did her Bachelor of Arts with a major in Financial Mathematics and a minor in Economics. She was also a volunteer math tutor. At Capital One, her first role was on our valuations team where she used historical data to model customer credit card behaviour.
    • Becca did her Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Marketing. She also competed in case competitions across Canada and internationally. At Capital One, her first role was on our digital analytics team, optimizing our website experience for different customer segments.
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  • Financial Analyst Opportunities for Students Financial Analyst

    Financial Analyst

    The Finance Rotation Program will help you launch an exciting and challenging career at Capital One. During your two years in this highly selective Program - you’ll rotate through at least two distinct roles, gain a wealth of experience, and be exposed to strategy development and business execution in corporate Finance and Accounting.

    Associates in the Finance Rotation Program take part in comprehensive training offered through our award-winning Capital One University. You’ll also receive ongoing mentoring and development advising from seasoned leaders in the Finance organization who will be there to help you excel in your career.

    As a financial analyst, you could be responsible for:
    • Analyzing consumer and commercial banking metrics and performance
    • Preparing financial forecasts in support of evolving product and strategy decisions
    • Developing reporting and analysis to provide insight into business trends
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  • Data Scientist Opportunities for Students Data Scientist

    Data Scientist

    To succeed requires rigorous logical thinking, insatiable curiosity, adaptability, and exceptional teamwork. As a Capital One® Data Scientist, you will be at the intersection of business strategy, mathematics, and technology.

    As a data scientist, you’ll be working on some amazing stuff! Check out some examples below:
    • Mining vast amounts of data to identify trends in credit risk
    • Using a combination of quantitative analysis and statistical methods to develop strategic insights and recommendations to optimize products or programs
    • Adapt the latest technologies in modeling and data mining to design scientific tests to maximize dollars spent on new initiatives and marketing channels
    • Build statistical models to form the foundation of business decisions and regularly monitor the performance of those models so corrective action can be taken
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  • Process Manager Opportunities for Students Process Manager

    Process Manager

    Our Process Manager Development program provides structured training, a diverse set of experiences, rotations allowing for exposure to different business areas, leadership opportunities and much more. The Process Manager applies their skills to the design, management, and optimization of business processes.

    You will work with extended teams across the enterprise and supply chain structure to ensure that the bank’s business processes are performing optimally and that business strategies are implemented within quality, time and cost goals.

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  • Data Engineer Opportunities for Students Data Engineer

    Data Engineer

    As the pioneers of analytics in the financial industry, we are a company that thrives on data driven strategy.

    To succeed requires insatiable curiosity, passion in programming, and exceptional teamwork. As a Capital One® Data Engineer you will be at the intersection of business strategy, mathematics, and technology.

    Examples of projects data engineers deliver:
    • Build a data process management system, including backend engine and front end web GUI to create, manage, and track critical data processes, using Python, MongoDB, and AWS
    • Build a web-based segmentation tool managing marketing activities
    • Build data quality monitoring framework to detect data issues, notify subscribers, and halt critical processes, using Python, neo4j, and various ML packages
    • Build web based reporting platform for dashboard design, and information subscription, using Python, CSS, JavaScript
    • Design and execute marketing campaigns that brings our customers with the best experience
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  • Software Engineer Opportunities for Students Software Engineer

    Software Engineer

    Do you think about writing beautiful code while eating breakfast? Do you build applications you are proud of and want to tell your friends about? Do you get excited about scaling applications to millions of users? This is an opportunity to learn more about your craft and how large scale reliable applications impact the way that Capital One does business. In this role, you will have the opportunity to take real ownership of your project, be genuinely challenged by your work, and show your creativity in problem-solving while delighting customers with a fantastic digital experience.

    • You’ll participate in development and implementation of applications using existing and emerging technology platforms. Working within an Agile environment
    • You’ll have a chance to participate in story planning and detailed daily stand-ups while developing code to meet story acceptance criteria
    • You’ll have the opportunity to build on your technical knowledge and skills on multiple platforms, and work with senior team members
    • You will be an integral part in advancing the culture of technical excellence within Capital One, and creating experiences to delight millions of customers!
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